Excitement and anxiety

Hi friends! We had a fun bon voyage party last weekend (I will post some photos when I get them from my family) – I still feel elevated from all of the blessing and good wishes we received.  I never grow tired of answering questions about our trip and the live-aboard lifestyle.  Some of my favorite questions: “where is the microwave?” (not going to happen on our sailboat), “where is the TV?”(there isn’t one), “where are you going to put your clothes!” (probably several places!).  Unfortunately, our departure date is still uncertain.  The soft target of May 10th is going to pass.  There are a few issues that need to be resolved before we can leave here, one of which is the delivery of our new head sail.  Ralph’s goal was always to leave here in during the recommended time frame of May/June, so he isn’t worrying about anything.  I have to admit that I am anxious and would like to get going soon.  I still have a lot to do, however, so I am going to focus on being as ready as possible. 

It seems like excitement and anxiety are two sides of a coin, or the edge of a line I walk.  I am bouncing between the two, and I wish I was more relaxed.  But I am happy and I am trying to ride the wave as it comes – always a challenge for me.  Hugs!

5 thoughts on “Excitement and anxiety

  1. Tricia, I’m sitting here in my room at Bay Inn in Marina Del Rey, about to go into an OAP meeting that will wrap up tomorrow morning around 9:00. My flight isn’t until 2:00 so if you have time for coffee or an early lunch let me know. My cell number is 206-779-8458. Ron



  2. I know how you’re feeling. The same way I feel about going to Alaska. I’m excited for the new adventure but anxious at the same time. AND….We’re still sitting here on a dock not going anywhere fast. In checking on the engine after the winter several parts have to be replaced or rebuilt. We should be on our way Victoria but it looks we have to ditch those plans all together. Thank goodness I have my car here and it is a lovely place to be stuck.


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