Good week

We had a good week.  Although it is frustrating to be waiting, it does give us time to do things that we didn’t think we could get to.  Ralph replaced the port lights and built a railing for our clothes area.  I have been organizing things at home and wrapping up other loose ends.  I had a nice visit with Amy when I took the car to her in LaJolla on Saturday and we had a nice mother’s day celebration Sunday with our crew.  Our new target departure date is May 20th.


New port lights!

New port lights!

guard rail for clothes

guard rail for clothes

2 thoughts on “Good week

  1. Trish, you may still be here when your mom and Bob return from Itsly! Hope all goes well for you in the next few days, your sail arrives and you are able to begin this amazing adventure! Will be living this through you!


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