Princess Louisa Inlet

Princess Louisa Inlet

Hi friends!

Things have been going well this summer, and I don’t write much because more or less we are visiting the same spots and there’s nothing really new to tell you. We have visited a couple of new places, like little Cabbage Island marine park, which is right next to the US/Canada border. Such a lovely place!

What I find worthy of news to share is that we made the trek up Jervis Inlet to Princess Louisa Inlet, which is crowned by Chatterbox Falls. This is something that we (especially I) have wanted to do since we got up here with the boat. Some things of concern with the trip: it is pretty long day with not many options for stopping for the night, you must traverse rapids to enter the inlet and there are limited spots to choose from when you get there (park dock, some moorings, and deep anchorage).

I mentioned to our friends on ArielX that I wanted to make the trip and they were up for going with us. They have been several times before, so that helped us with our anxiety. We followed them up, motoring for about 7 hours plus about 2 hours of sailing. It seemed like the whole ride up the fjord it just got more and more beautiful.

Typical views going up Jervis Inlet

Sister ship ArielX with good friends Anne and Henri

When we got to the rapids, we were a little early for the slack tide (best time for transiting). ArielX decided to go on through and radioed to us that it was OK, so we proceeded. It was a little fast but over all, OK. We both breathed a sigh of relief and headed the 4 miles into Princess Louisa and to the falls at the end.

After the rapids we enjoyed the breathtaking views!

Some minor waterfalls – at times there are 30 or more

When we reached the bay some of our fears were realized when the dock was completely full with boats doubled up and all moorings taken. We cruised around looking for somewhere to anchor when Ariel grabbed the best seat in the house – right in from of the falls! We were invited to side tie, which made this really easy for us.

Chatterbox Falls!

The day we left was rainy but the falls were still magnificent! Ralph and I were reminded of Yosemite by some of the rock formations

It was so amazing to be anchoring right in front of the falls and to hear the water roaring all the time. It was a hot day, so as soon as we could we jumped in for a swim. Interesting water, not too salty and somewhat cool from the falls – but so refreshing! We had a great couple of days there. It was really an experience of a lifetime.