Hello 2018!

Hello 2018!

Hi friends! It has been a while. We left home on April 1st, early for us. Our idea was that we would get to the boatyard a bit early and get a head start on boat projects. But first, Jacob joined us for a road trip to Minnesota to visit our family and watch the musical production at the U of M law school, over which Amy was the Producer. We had a fun road trip (even though we hit a blizzard in Wyoming and were not able to go to Yellowstone!) and an even more fun time in the twin cities. The play was funny and entertaining.


Jacob flew home and Ralph and I headed for Canada. Another road trip, and we arrived in British Columbia on April 11. Over the winter at home, Ralph worked on wood to replace the wall lining in the quarter berth. We carried that on top of the car the whole time, so it was nice to arrive at our destination. Being in BC a little earlier than usual was a treat, watching spring arrive was wonderful.


Aside from getting the boat prepared for the summer (which takes some time in itself), we worked on so many projects while in the boat yard, to name a few: Installed a wash down pump/hose for the anchor, repaired our starboard water tank, finished and installed a new table, put up new shades on the windows and repaired our bow roller furling.



I turned 50! 🙂


During this time, we took a break and flew back to the twin cities to attend Amy’s graduation from Law School – very proud parents as you can imagine! I took another break and flew to LA for my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. You know me, I don’t like to miss a party – especially one this important.


We were lowered back into the the waters of the Fraser River on June 9th. We had some friends over and took off for the Gulf Islands the next day around 11am. As always happens when we set out after a hiatus, we had to remember how to do everything. However, in spite of a rain squall it was a more or less uneventful crossing of the Georgia Strait. We arrived at Montague Harbour marine park around 6 pm, tired but happy. We kicked around the Gulf ISlands and visited some of our favorite places for almost 2 weeks.


This weekend we have been attending our Sceptre Rendezvous and Fun race in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island.  It is always such fun and we had a good race, in that we did not finish last! So, in a nut shell – all is well here! We are still at it and enjoying our boating life. Will try to update again before so much time goes by.

Hugs from us!