Now for something different

Hi friends! It has been a long while since I posted, and this seemed like a good time. We have recently returned from a trip to the British Virgin Islands where we arranged a bareboat charter with some friends (this means no crew, just us). Ralph and I were using the excuse of our 30th anniversary to justify this nice trip to the tropics.

In order to get to Tortola, the main island in the BVI’s, it took us 3 flights over 2 days. We stayed overnight at the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico on the way there, no time to see any sights. We arrived in Road Town, Tortola the day before our charter started and got the boat ready to go, including a delivery of groceries that we had ordered online ahead of time.

The boat we rented was a 44′ Jeanneau Sun Odyssey named Reventador. It was an interesting departure from our boats (ours and friends).

We set out on our cruise and visited 9 anchorages in the British Virgin Islands. It was really different sailing in the trade winds – it is pretty much always windy! The weather was a mixed bag of sunshine and rain but it was always warm and the water was warm too. We got some great snorkeling in as well – beautiful tropical fish and an interesting shipwreck that I would have loved to photograph if I had the right camera. I will share some more photos and if any of you have questions about this kind of cruising, just let me know!

The “Bubbly Pools” at Jost Van Dyke
Soper’s Hole Anchorage – had a nice dinner out. Example of colorful Caribbean buildings
Enjoying the calm seas before sailing
All important boat drinks
Beautiful beaches of Anegada Island
Reventador was a fun boat to drive
Caribbean Spiny Lobsters – delicious, as we discovered at dinner
We rented a car and did some sightseeing on Anegada Island – sand road!
Fun 30th anniversary celebration all around 🙂
On the way home from our boating trip we spent a day in old San Juan, Puerto Rico – it was a blast! Such a unique and lively place. I would love to come back.
I was fascinated by the street pavers – so blue! I read that these were brought as ballast on European ships in the 18th century and later used to pave the streets. The blue also has to do with remains of iron smelting – not sure about the process but it makes for beautiful streets.
Back side of El Morro – the fortress that protected (or tried to) San Juan Harbor
Nice view – El Morro means headland – fitting
Old meets new – gigantic cruise ship approaches

What a fun trip – we feel really lucky to have experienced a different part of the world and a different part of the USA in Puerto Rico. In the Spring we will return to Toga and continue to enjoy the Pacific Northwest.

2 thoughts on “Now for something different

  1. Oh how lovely. I remember we did the BVI’s on a super small barefoot cruise back in the day. Absolutely breath taking. Love you and so happy you are living your best life Sis!


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