Ready for Summer

Ready for Summer

Over the winter Ralph worked on many boat related projects while I was consulting as a Civil engineer.  We wrapped up everything at home and packed the car to the brim (it is still amazing to me what our CR-V can hold) and headed north on May 4.  There was barely room for Charlie!  

We met up with Jacob, visited and had lunch in Morro Bay.  It was so wonderful to see our son, as always.  Otherwise, the trip was uneventful and we arrived at the boatyard (in Richmond, BC – south of Vancouver) on the morning of May 7.  

We have had weather ranging from sunny and hot to cold and stormy since we have been here.  Ralph and I have been working on so many things to get the boat ready  to go, from heavy cleaning to engine work.  Now we are in the process of getting ready to leave our car behind and take off for the gulf islands.  We will get put back in the water on Saturday afternoon.  

This area is mostly agricultural and industrial, and we do enjoy hanging out here (although not specifically in the boat yard – it is dirty, sometimes loud and generally a place of non-stop work at this time of year).  The other day we were out grocery shopping and along the way picked up some strawberries that happened to be from California.  Then we saw a farm stand and bought some BC strawberries.  I was expecting there to be a great difference but the truth was that we couldn’t tell them apart.  Among other things, they grow blueberries and cranberries here.  

Of course we mix in lots of fun with our work.  I took a trip to Minnesota for my Dad’s wedding and got to spend some time with Amy and the rest of my family there.  We also celebrated my birthday last week with a sail aboard ArielX with our friends Anne and Henri.  Life is good!

Will update you once we are on the water!

Hardly any room for Charlie

Catching up with Jacob

Happy times!

With my best girl in Minneapolis

Took a break to attend Dad and Mary’s wedding!

Birthday lunch with Anne and Henri

Celebrated my birthday sailing aboard ArielX

Got the satellite radio installed