Family Reunion #1

Family Reunion #1

Our trip south from Desolation Sound included several really great days of sailing.  Most of the time it seems like we are fighting the wind, if there is any, so it was a treat. We left Squirrel Cove and stayed on the dock at Texada Island for a couple of nights, then headed to Pender Harbour, then to Nanaimo, and then to the Victoria area.  We got reservations at Victoria’s Inner Harbour, right in the heart of downtown, and docked easily at the front of the marina, right by the public way.  It was really fun to be there, so much energy with tourists everywhere and lots of street vendors and performers.  One strange thing that it seemed like, being at the dock, we were a part of the tourist attractions – lots of people walking the dock, looking in our windows, some taking photos of themselves with our boat – it was strange but OK.

Amy arrived first, and she and Ralph hit the Royal British Columbia museum right away and really enjoyed that.  Jacob arrived the next day and we all took a walk through old town and china town and enjoyed some time at a pub together (including Charlie, who has been in heaven with us all together).  Amy and I treated ourselves to High Tea at an old mansion, which was delicious.  

After three days in Victoria, we headed out to the southern Gulf Islands, first staying at tiny Russell Island where we kayaked and swam, even though the water was a brisk 59 degrees.  The next day we went to Montague Harbour and the kids and I took the pub bus to the Hummingbird – a treat not to be missed! Our last day in the islands was spent at Beaumont anchorage, with lovely hiking and kayaking.  

We are now at Port Sidney Marina after a fantastic sail here, topping 9 knots. We sadly bid Amy goodbye this morning.  Jacob and I plan to do a tour of a local distillery this afternoon before he leaves tomorrow.  It has been so wonderful to spend this time as a family, it has been very special for me and everyone has done well with the close quarters, etc.

Next up for us is that we are heading back up north again for family reunion #2! More on that next time.  

Puppy love

Sailing lessons

Beauty at Beaumont anchorage

Kayaking fun

Toga in the background


Swimming in the brisk water

Swiming fun with the lifeguard present

One family photo

High tea

Cute kiddos posing for Mom

This is Poutine, which we tried for the first time – delicious!

Sweet family

Pub life

I think she looks very royal

Where the action happens at the BC parliament

Rotunda at the BC parliament building

Victoria Inner Harbour with the Empress in the background

Victoria Inner Harbour


Fun and Sun in Desolation Sound

Fun and Sun in Desolation Sound

I realize that my last post was about 1 month ago.  There is very little internet up here.  We are still in Desolation Sound, having arrived a little over 3 weeks ago.  Since arriving we have been having mostly sunny, warm or hot weather.  We’ve met up with friends, hiked, swam, kayaked, caught crabs and prawns, hosted and attended happy hour gatherings and have had an all around good time! Since I wrote last we have been so many places – notably False Bay at Lasqueti Island, Hornby Island, Rebecca Spit, Von Donop Inlet, Walsh Cove, Toba Inlet, Melanie Cove, Grace Harbour and Squirrel Cove.  

We had planned to stay here a while longer, but we are heading south tomorrow to (hopefully) meet up with Amy and Jacob in about 10 days in Victoria.  I am hoping the photos here tell the story of what we have been up to – good old summer fun!

  • False Bay at Lasqueti Island – an honor kiosk for home made goodies

    Adorable cottage on Lasqueti Island

    Tiny post office at Lasqueti Island

    Cloudy but lovely sunset at Hornby Island

    Fantastic beach at Hornby Island

    Sunset at Rebecca Spit Park

    Grocery shopping crusing style – Ralph is a pack mule

    Best $8 I’ve spent all summer – a mosquito zapper

    Wild beach at Rebecca Spit

    Cute seals sunbathing

    Went through the passage safely

    Swirly water as currents are strong in Beasley Passage

    Readying for the big hike to Newton Lake

    Sceptres side tied at Waiatt Bay

    Trail to Newton Lake (near the Octopus Islands)

    View from Shallow Bay

    Strange things growing on trees in the forest

    Newton Lake

    Rewarded with a great swim in Newton Lake after a vigorous hike from Waiatt Bay

    When we left the dinghy it was out a ways in the water – tidal ranges are serious here

    Mother and baby seal at Waiatt Bay

Ariel X ahead of us at Toba Inlet

Anne and I being silly

Toba Wilderness Waterfall – we filled up our water tank with this delicious water

Hiking the trail to the waterfall at Toba Wilderness Resort

Fun racing against the crew of ArielX

Delicious fresh seafood

That squiggly line shows a great sail we had in the channel

Dinner aboard Toga with Anne and Henri serving freshly caught prawns – we hauled in 130 of them!

Lovely Black Lake in Desolation Sound Park

On the trail to Black Lake from Grace Harbour