Count down

Our new canvas arrived last week, surprising us by being delivered early.  The new items are side curtains and an overhead extension for the cockpit for more protection from the elements and a binnacle cover.


Our new seat cushions should ship and our new head sail should arrive this week.  I finished my bathroom painting project, which turned out pretty well (in my opinion).  We purchased the new plexiglass for the side windows and Ralph is cutting it to fit today.  We will be working on placing and sealing the windows this week – exciting!  We have a trip planned to Catalina this weekend (Isthmus harbor) with our yacht club, which will be fun and give us a chance to test out the new radar/chart plotter.  Our soft departure date is May 10th, so we are beginning to feel the excitement/pressure mounting – in a good way. 

5 thoughts on “Count down

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