Less fun things

This week I’ve been prepping and painting our bathroom at home. I got it into my head that this should be done before we leave. Ralph has decided to replace the side windows of Toga’s cabin. The plexiglass is permanently cloudy and two of the windows have slow leaks. So, we’re plugging away.

5 thoughts on “Less fun things

  1. Tricia,
    When you get through with your bathroom, I have several areas that could use a little touch up. I would suggest you not start remodeling the house before you leave.

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    • Good advice, Steve. Remodels should be on hold, yes. Some Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the door the other day, and they asked me to come and paint for them first, so you’ll have to get in line.


  2. Hey TJ- Thanks for including me on your blog. Sounds like a hell of a trip!! Can’t wait to see and hear all about it. Getting close!! You ready for it? Sergio Fuentes


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