Island Hopping

After a lovely stay at Russell Island, which has to be one of my favorite spots, we hauled anchor (Ralph hauls, I drive and give moral support) on Thursday, June 9 and headed to Mill Bay Marina on Vancouver Island.  We arrived in a heavy wind and sea condition for the area, but we docked ok at the marina.  We arrived a day early for the Sceptre rendezvous so we could clean up, do laundry and some shopping before everyone else arrived on Friday.  Mill Bay is a nice little town with a great shopping center nearby and we took advantage of that.

We really had a fun time with the Sceptre folks and 4 boat/owners attended for the first time, so we got to meet some great new friends.  I think the rendezvous was a success and a great time was had by all.

After the rendezvous we were invited to a fellow Sceptre owner’s home about 5 miles away along with ArielX.  We were both able to tie to a mooring in front of Ron and Leoni’s home in Brentwood Bay and we enjoyed a really great dinner of locally grown foods including lamb and beef and a fun card game afterwards.  

After a peaceful night we departed for Gowlland Tod Inlet Marine Park, only about 1.5 miles away.  This park is on the other side of Butchart Gardens near Victoria.  We had a really nice stay there – it is such a quite place.  For the most part, people don’t use their outboard motors but row instead to preserve the quite.  Near the dock are many nesting boxes for the migrating purple Martin and we enjoyed watching them swooping around.  There is always great birdwatching here. 

Again we hauled the anchor and moved on, this time to Sidney Spit Marine Park.  We have been having quite a few rainy days but enjoyed a 5 mile hike around part of the Sidney Island.  Apparently there are hundreds of deer on the small island, but we didn’t catch sight of any.  

This morning we are in port at Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington after crossing the border on Monday.  We are required to take the boat out of Canada once per year and it was probably less than a 20 mile trip here to Friday Harbor.  This is a great port and we are making the most of our shore leave.  We plan to head out of here tomorrow and visit some more of the San Juans before returning to Canada.  

Carting groceries and getting exercise

Statue honoring Popeye, Port of Friday Harbor Seal

The Port of Friday Harbor seal, Popeye

Sidney Island

Sceptres racing

Toga and crew racing in our first race!

Beach at Sidney Island

Banana slugs out in force on Sidney Island

A neighboring boat took some shots of Toga in the sunset at Sidney Spit, just before a rain storm

Eagle watching

Leftover bricks from a brick and tile plant on Sidney Island

Leftover bricks from a brick and tile plant on Sidney Island

Ralph and Charlie rowing back from shore leave at Tod Inlet

Rainy day at anchor

So many jellyfish of all sizes at Tod Inlet – I think they are fascinating

At anchor in Tod Inlet

At anchor in Tod Inlet

Nesting boxes for Purple Martins at Tod Inlet

View from Ron and Leoni’s house, Sceptres at dock and on mooring

Such large jellyfish here

Such large jellyfish here

My major award for my performance in dinghy basketball

Lovely Mount Baker

Sceptres arriving at the dock, all hands and paws helping

Sceptres arriving in the strong weather

Lovely shopping center at Mill Bay, Vancouver Island


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