We left Paradise Cove yesterday morning at about 9 am.  Anchoring there was quiet (only one other boat) and peaceful.  Also, there was a pod of bottlenose dolphin cruising around all evening to provide entertainment.  Most of the day was gray and windless, which is good news and bad news.  The good news is that there wasn’t any chop to fight against, the bad news is that we couldn’t sail for most of the day.  On the bright side, we went through a large school of common dolphins who were busy catching lunch.  A few of them cruised along with us for a little while – a highlight of our day.  The wind picked up at about 1:30 and we hauled ass to Ventura harbor.  The yacht club (VYC) was hosting a race, so there were quite a few boats outside of the breakwater.  VYC was kind enough to accommodate us at their guest dock and we had dinner at the club last night. 

We had a very restful night’s sleep with nothing to be concerned about (when we are anchored, we get up several times a night to check our situation and make sure we are where we are supposed to be).  Today we are working on tasks that are more difficult or not possible when we are out on the ocean.  We don’t need to get provisions yet, and our ice is lasting pretty well (we only run the refrigerator while we are motoring or if we are connected to shore power).  Even though we’ve been sailing aboard Toga for almost 13 years, we learn at least one thing every day, and we are always trying to improve the way we do things.  We are looking forward to another dinner out tonight and tomorrow we leave for Santa Barbara, another wonderful port of call. 



Motoring south of Point Magu




Nautical Chart of the area



Tied up at VYC Guest dock


VYC facilities and little sailors getting ready for lessons

Paradise Cove, Malibu

Yesterday we repaired the mail sail with Dacron tape and decided against the stitching. It looks pretty good and held well all day.

We left Emerald Bay this morning and headed toward Malibu. At first, we had no wind and motored, but it was pleasant anyway. Then the wind picked up and we sailed a close reach (see points of sail, below). Paradise Cove is lovely, and we are enjoying a gift of champagne from our friends, Steve and Laurie, to celebrate our first northbound stop.




Emerald Bay

We left our dock yesterday at 2:30pm and headed to Emerald Bay, Catalina. It was a really strange feeling to know that we won’t be coming back to our marina for the foreseeable future. We felt the same when we left the house the day before.

The weather forecasts predicted 10-15 knot winds, but we had 25-30 knots for most of the trip. When went to put the mainsail up we decided to reef it (reduce the sail area) because of the heavy winds. When we raised the sail, right away I heard a ripping noise. We ripped about a 5 inch tear at the most aft tie point. Yikes!! (it’s worth noting that the main sail is older, and even though we had it checked out, these things happen.). We put the main back down and after we recovered from our shock, we put our new jib up. It performed beautifully and we motor sailed, average speed about 7 knots. I was very seasick, unfortunately. I don’t think the pastrami sandwich for lunch helped.

We arrived at Emerald Bay at about 7:15 pm. There is almost no one here and the weather is beautiful! We will spend the next day or two relaxing and fixing our mainsail the old fashioned way.

I want to take a moment to thank our family for supporting us in all of this. I know that some of our family members think this trip is a little crazy and dangerous, but they encourage and support us anyway. It means a lot to us. Love you guys!