Paradise Cove, Malibu

Yesterday we repaired the mail sail with Dacron tape and decided against the stitching. It looks pretty good and held well all day.

We left Emerald Bay this morning and headed toward Malibu. At first, we had no wind and motored, but it was pleasant anyway. Then the wind picked up and we sailed a close reach (see points of sail, below). Paradise Cove is lovely, and we are enjoying a gift of champagne from our friends, Steve and Laurie, to celebrate our first northbound stop.




4 thoughts on “Paradise Cove, Malibu

  1. Hey Tricia –

    Congratulation on getting underway!! Very happy for you – you are not missing much in the working world, besides more of the same.

    I have attached some aerial photos of One Santa Fe. We are making good progress and expect first tenants this September.

    Wishing you an incredible trip (or is it a voyage?).

    Best always,
    Chuck –

    Charles F. Cowley III | Cowley Real Estate Partners | 3415 South Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 1100, Los Angeles, CA, 90034 | O 310.746.4090 x101 | D 310.746.4091 | F 310.746.4098 | C 310.650.2005

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    • Hey Chuck! So great to hear from you. I’m glad the project is going well. Would you mind emailing me the photos ( I can’t see them here for some reason, may be the mobile app.


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