Emerald Bay

We left our dock yesterday at 2:30pm and headed to Emerald Bay, Catalina. It was a really strange feeling to know that we won’t be coming back to our marina for the foreseeable future. We felt the same when we left the house the day before.

The weather forecasts predicted 10-15 knot winds, but we had 25-30 knots for most of the trip. When went to put the mainsail up we decided to reef it (reduce the sail area) because of the heavy winds. When we raised the sail, right away I heard a ripping noise. We ripped about a 5 inch tear at the most aft tie point. Yikes!! (it’s worth noting that the main sail is older, and even though we had it checked out, these things happen.). We put the main back down and after we recovered from our shock, we put our new jib up. It performed beautifully and we motor sailed, average speed about 7 knots. I was very seasick, unfortunately. I don’t think the pastrami sandwich for lunch helped.

We arrived at Emerald Bay at about 7:15 pm. There is almost no one here and the weather is beautiful! We will spend the next day or two relaxing and fixing our mainsail the old fashioned way.

I want to take a moment to thank our family for supporting us in all of this. I know that some of our family members think this trip is a little crazy and dangerous, but they encourage and support us anyway. It means a lot to us. Love you guys!




4 thoughts on “Emerald Bay

  1. Thanks for the thorough description. Mom and I had dinner at Bob and Lee’s with their guest Annie and Amelia. Jaime and Ty went to St Louis yesterday. Tonight Jaime is with two of her friends seeing Cindi Lauoer and Chet.

    Hope you have smoother sailing on the next leg of your journey.

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  2. I was wondering how you repair a sail when you are out at sea. You certainly don’t have a sewing machine on board! Yes, thanks for the descriptions for us landlubbers- I love finding out how life is aboard ship. I wonder, do you have hobby-type stuff on board, stuff to do for personal fun and together fun? I’m just curious what regular life looks like. It is so foreign, and intriguing! I hope this is your last bout of seasickness for the trip. Have a wonderful time!!


    • For sail repair we are applying a Dacron tape over the tear on both sides and then sewing around it with the awl. I’ll let you know how it goes! As far as how a day goes, there are always lots of things that need cleaning, organizing, etc and we both read a lot. Today we plan a dinghy trip around the bay and a swim later. Hugs!


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