Family Reunion #2

After leaving Amy and Jacob in Sidney we headed north again, mostly against the wind.  We stopped over at Newcastle Island (Nanaimo) where we were lucky to run into our friends aboard ArielX.  That evening we went to the dinghy dock pub, which you can only get to by boat.  It was fun to go out for an evening. 

Dinghy Dock Pub (Protection Island, Nanaimo)

From Nanaimo we travelled to Pender Harbour and then on to Texada Island, a familiar route when traversing from the Gulf Islands to Desolation Sound. From Texada Island we went to Grace Harbour in Desolation Sound Park and then to Refuge Cove, where we picked up Erik, Ralph’s son, who arrived from Seattle via Seaplane.  

Erik arriving at Refuge Sound – he loved his flight!

From Refuge Cove we headed over to Roscoe Bay Marine Park and had a lovely time hanging out and hiking to Black Lake.  We were also invited to happy hour aboard Whale Song where we had a really nice time with Garth, Merrien and Nolan.  From Roscoe Bay we made a short trip in the rain to Melanie Cove in Desolation Sound Park.  We had a little rain but more sun, and the crowds had really thinned out.  Unfortunately the water has turned colder and it is not as tempting to swim.  

Lake above Melanie Cove

Melanie Cove is pretty empty this time of year

Jellyfish and reflected clouds


From Melanie Cove we visited Squirrel Cove and then Manson’s Landing – both on Cortes Island.  

Homemade pizza – forgot to take a photo of the finished product – it was pretty good


Beautiful, peaceful sailing

Fun with family!

Beautiful sunset at Squirrel Cove

Ralph, Erik and Charlie take a trip to the lagoon at Manson’s Landing

Making bread with our on board “bread maker”

Finished product – delicious!

Talking about sailing right of way rules

All too soon it was time for Erik to return to Refuge Cove for his flight back to Seattle and then back to LAX.  It was so fun to have him on board for a week and be able to show him a bit of the wonders of Desolation Sound, not to mention nightly trivial pursuit challenges!

Time to go back home for Erik – we had so much fun!

Toga at Refuge Cove dock

We’ve spent a rainy day at Refuge Cove relaxing.  Soon we will head west to April Point on Quadra Island for Family Reunion #3!

3 thoughts on “Family Reunion #2

  1. Hi there! Great to see you guys are all still having fun. Give hugs and kisses to Charlie and Ralph (but not necessarily in that order)!! Miss you. Veronica and Scott


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