Summer is here!

On Thursday, June 25th, we were launched from dry-dock and into the Fraser River. We were so excited to get back in the water! Once we made sure there were no leaks and the engine ran, we took off from the lift slip and into the River, headed west towards the Strait of Georgia. We were chugging along for about 10 minutes when the engine died. Uh Oh. And when we tried to restart it, we couldn’t get it going right away. Ever calm and resourceful, Ralph started getting the sails hoisted while I took over steering and helping raise the sails. I was trying not to panic – I hope I was hiding it well.

We got the sails up and got under control before we ran aground or into anything. Luckily there were no other boats in the area at the time. There was also current carrying us down the river, which, again luckily, was the way we wanted to go. The wind was light and variable but we were able to sail. Ralph went down below to look at the engine and came up a little while later and the engine started up. Whew! There was probably air in the fuel lines after sitting for so long and we should have ran the engine longer before taking off – lesson learned!

We traveled the distance to the mouth of the river without incident and headed toward Active Pass, about 14 nm away. The wind was on the nose, so we motor-sailed over. The pass was very quiet and lovely, and soon we were at our destination – Montague Harbour at Galliano Island.   It seems like most boaters we see here stay only about a day in each location but we like to take it a little easier, so we are still here at Montague. This place has it all – a provincial park, a little store and restaurant, lots of anchoring space; we love it. It’s been really hot, but has cooled off today and we’re having light rain. We’ve been hiking, swimming, kayaking, etc – generally having a great time!

Charlie loves being on the boat and has adjusted really well. He loves to ride in the dinghy and on the kayaks. We are having fun with him. We will be in the Gulf Islands for a few more days before we head back to Vancouver. Amy and her friend Michelle are visiting for a couple of days. We will be in town for Canada Day, which is July 1st (Canada’s birthday celebration). Should be fun!

Painting get-up

Must stir ablative anti-fouling paint FOREVER

Hard at work

That’s Ralph – We each painted half the boat bottom

Travel lift taking Toga back to the water

On the River!

On the river!


Montague Harbour – Restaurant and store

Charlie and I getting ready to kayak


Got this local turnip from the store – really sweet and delicious


The Canada Geese come around to each other boats in the evening looking for handouts.


Days are long here – this photo was taken at 9:40 pm last night


Coming through Active Pass

This was taken just after our arrival – Charlie is anxious to get ashore! (Photo Credit: Anne Brumwell)

On the way to shore! (Photo credit AB)

Toga glistening in the sun with waxed topsides and new paint (although you can barely see the paint). (Photo credit AB)

Getting the dinghy ready to go! (Photo credit AB)

5 thoughts on “Summer is here!

  1. Eric & I are considering buying property in the Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Whidby Island area within the year. If your travels take you there, or you are already familiar with those areas, I’d appreciate any insight, recommendations, etc.
    Also, if you find yourselves in Silicon Valley area (San Francisco to Santa Cruz), please let us know if you’d like to meet up (you are always welcome for dinner and/or spend the night, as we have a guest room).
    Best, Elaine


    • Hi Elaine! Thanks for the invite, we would love to visit sometime. When we first bought our boat in 2001 we kept it at Bainbridge for a while – it is just lovely there! I don’t think you can go wrong buying property in those islands or in Seattle – there are lots of lovely places in Washington. It depends on what kind of lifestyle you are looking for. Some people we know live in Seattle and have vacation homes in the San Juans – that’s also a great option.


      • Did you get my previous (long) reply? Looks like when I hit SEND, I got an error message. I’m trying again. In short Thx for your reply. We have plans to visit there in later august.


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