Half Moon Bay

Our time in Santa Cruz was restorative; being with loving family members who took great care of us was truly special. We spent the last night in Santa Cruz in the anchorage area, which is next to the wharf in front of the boardwalk. It was calm and peaceful, as long as you don’t mind the amusement park sounds!

We left the anchorage at 4:30 a.m. The conditions were just what we were looking for, very light wind and small swells with no wind waves, for the first few hours. We spotted a couple of pods of Rizzo’s dolphins, which are more introverted than their relations. They’re beautiful to see, though. The headwinds picked up and had some hazy sunshine until around noontime, when it got colder and low clouds/light fog moved in. We had a couple of hours of good rolling time before we arrived at Half Moon Bay at around 3 p.m. After we were docked, the weather got worse, with heavier winds and wet air. There has been a heavy mist since then, and we are happy to be in port today, relaxing. We slept for 12 hours last night!

We are tied up to the dock at Pillar Point Marina, which has quite a few fishing boats in residence. Each dock has boats the sell fresh fish daily, there are white boards that tell you what’s for sale. We missed our chance yesterday, but maybe today we can score something for dinner.

This afternoon we plan to walk around town and visit the Half Moon Bay yacht club for a drink. There is a light weather window predicted for tomorrow, so our plan is to head to Bodega Bay, bypassing Drake’s Bay, to take advantage of the conditions.

Just FYI, I can’t seem to be able to put the photos in the order I’d like, so I’m sorry if it gets confusing.

Ahhhh, sunrise

Sunset at Santa Cruz wharf

Beer in Monterey. Forgot this in the earlier post!

Outside of Santa Cruz. Not quite sunrise.

Cool moon, just leaving Santa Cruz

Wet and cold outside, dry and warm inside

Approaching Half Moon Bay in the mist.

Approaching Half Moon Bay, glad to see the red buoy

Mid morning sun, fairly calm conditions

Funny boat names

Home for a little while

10 thoughts on “Half Moon Bay

  1. Hi Tricia! Hi Ralph! I wanted to echo everyone’s comments about well wishes, living vicariously, pleasure in reading the updates and hearing about the wildlife and of course the photos. Having been to most all these spots so far but on land i’m getting a wonderful sensation from reading the blog of simultaneously reliving memories but as if they’re new from this parallel sea universe experience. I’m indebted; Thank you!

    Maybe it’s not his bag but I vote for making Ralph write one or two of his own posts. He may enjoy reading those in retrospect.

    Hugs to you both and continued safe travels.


    • Thanks Peter. I relayed your message to Ralph and he smile and gave a nod, which I interpret to mean that he’ll consider writing. 🙂
      Good idea! Hope all is well in your world. Hugs to you and Brook.


  2. Hi Sis – Absolutely love reading about your adventures and seeing all the pics. Great that you were able to meet up with Andy & Carolyn too! Yesterday we had our own share of fun with Curt’s gang and we got to celebrate Amy’s birthday too. Mom made her famous onion & tomato casserole (yum!) and Gigi made this amazing berry cobbler and of course chocolate cake for all the June birthdays. We miss you dearly and wish you all the best.


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