Boat living

At the suggestion of a friend, I took some photos around the galley (aka “kitchen” for you landlubbers) and bar area (no known natuical word for that) of Toga.  One of the things I really like about being aboard is that the use of space is so efficient.  And with limited space, you can only afford to have things with you that you really use and need.  The boat was built with an entire cabinet dedicated to liquor storage, so that says something about most boat owner’s priorities, I suppose.  Also included in the photos are the dry locker, where we keep our canned and dry food items; the refrigerator, which opens from the top; silverware and dish storage; spice drawer and our coffee maker, which is a simple french press. 


Another way to think of “boat living” is staying alive while on the boat.  This week we tried out our harness type inflatable life jackets and tethers, which attach either to the binnacle (we learned that work already, class!) or to Jack lines, which are straps attached to the boat deck.  When conditions are bad or one of us is in the cockpit or on deck alone while the other is sleeping, we will be tethered to the boat.  Falling overboard is always a bad idea – falling overboard while your mate is asleep is a disaster.  So we’re not going to do that.


5 thoughts on “Boat living

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. I am so glad you have utilized the “bar” area. Also, I am super glad you guys have decided that you are not going to go overboard while the other is sleeping. 🙂


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