Not much to report

Hi friends! Long time, I know.  We drove up to BC and we’ve been in the boat yard about 10 days.  We had a very nice drive up and have had mostly very good weather (very hot right now) since we got here, with the exception of a wind storm that was pretty powerful.  Feels kind of scary when you are living in a boat that is standing on supports in the yard.

Things are going as they seem to go with boat work, which is forward and backward on the progress toward getting back in the water.  For example, we recommissioned our domestic water system and while trying to get all of the air bubbles out, the pump failed.  We were able to fix it, but the point is that quite a few unexpected tasks arise along with the expected ones.  During the winter at home, Ralph works on projects to bring here to install/replace things aboard.  He is busy every day working on those tasks.  I am less busy than he is and my tasks are arguably less interesting (more domestic in nature), but we enjoy our days.  We make plenty of time for relaxation and fun. Springtime here is truly beautiful, and we enjoy the antics of all of the different birds around here from Eagles to Geese.  

Based on the way things are going, we think it will be 2-3 weeks unti we are back in the water and off for our summer cruise.  Talk to you soon!

Full functioning galley

Found this fun store where they have just about any food for man or beast you can think of in bulk

One of my jobs is to try and keep Charlie reasonably clean. It’s quite dirty here. This is a do it yourself dog wash, which is a great idea.

There are some shallow areas in the river by the boat yard. This is the first of two sailboats we have seen grounded since we got here. The tides are considerable too.

Spring in BC – so pretty

Cooking on board is pretty much like at home for us. This pizza turned out pretty well. Kudos to the chef!

Celebrated my 49th birthday last week with friends – fun party!

A recently completed project – replacing our shaft seal. If you think this looks easy and quick – guess again!

Ralph’s usual place these days – the engine room

10 thoughts on “Not much to report

  1. We miss you here in sunny SoCal. Keep us posted on your summer adventure.
    Vancouver Island and all of BC is so beautiful😎 Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for the fun news from the PNW!

    At the moment we’re did zagging thru thousands of islands to get to Stockholm. I could be in the PNW it’s so similar.


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  3. Tricia, have a wonderful summer adventure with your love and Charlie! I love your pics so please keep sending them. Veronica and Scott


  4. Hi Trish & Ralph, and Charlie …. welcome back to beautiful BC! Hope all is going well with getting Toga ready, and that she is back in the water by now or soon to be. Ieuan and a friend of ours from Australia left on June 1st for Haida Gwaii. They will probably be back in the Desolation Sound area by mid July, so if you’re up in that neck of the woods around that time keep an eye out for them. Our boat is Alaunia, and they are traveling (on and off) with two other boats – Dance Lightly Too and Silhouette. I’m home, so if you’re passing through Nanaimo give me a call … would love to say hi! Take care, and have a great boating season! Give Charlie a pat for me. … Shiela


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